"How can we call ourselves a Movement if we aren't moving?" Josiah Elijah Brocks "JEB" 1979-1997

Movement Material Inc.

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Josiah Elijah Brocks "JEB" 1979-1997

Help us fight against what he died at the hands of. He was murdered in a freeway shooting that was later found to be a gang initiation. He had built a business from the time he was 16, up until his death at age 18. He promoted music for over 15 different music labels and his career and most importantly his life were cut short, before they really started. We started this non-profit organization in his honor and memory and hope to promote his legacy by providing alternatives to the streets and gang and drug lifestyles. We have created the "JEB" leadership program that incorporates educational assistance along with self esteem uplifting and life skill lessons. There is so much work to be done and so many resources needed. We hope that you can help in any way, no matter how small and if not financially, then please spread the word to those who may be in position to affect and impact the lives of these youths and their adult influences.